Natural beauty waterfall Cikaso

One of the places tourism is the mainstay in the district of Sukabumi Cikaso waterfall (Waterfalls Cikaso) located in the village Cikaso Cibitung District, Surade offers the beauty of the waterfalls are still alamai.

From Sukabumi be traveled with travel 100 kilometers to the west with the road conditions are pretty good.

On vacation home to Indonesia in early july, I take the time to enjoy its beauty while close enough but because of busy daily I rarely visit the beautiful sights is finally on this occasion I visited the waterfall Cikaso to just unburden your mind by visiting the waterfall Cikaso the atmosphere calm and quiet atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

If you Arriving at Kampung Air Cikasonya when visiting the waterfall will be using the boat in the lease USD 80 thousand dollars to 10 people commute.

The boat usually wait for you to complete and are happy to enjoy the waterfalls and only then go back and do not forget to buy a lot cendramata and snacks on sale in the village Cikasonya.

It seemed to enjoy the beauty of this nature need not go abroad in Indonesia apparently still a lot of very beautiful place to visit but it is not optimal in either setting as well as transportation facilities.

More or less we have to learn from some countries that are so active in managing the resort, especially Singapore and Malaysia though if we compare the resort is still far behind with in Indonesia in terms of beauty but the tourists prefer to visit their countries may be one of them because all the ease in note seriously.

In the future hopefully more government more room to optimize both our tourism facilities and infrastructure so as to make the tourists feel at home visiting tourist place, especially this Cikaso waterfall is very beautiful.

So let us travel in our country!


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