Soppeng Watan, City Thousands of Bats

CITY this one is one of the cities in Indonesia which has a unique nickname, the City of Bats. The city is named native city Soppeng Watan, one of the beautiful city located in South Sulawesi Province.

Watan Soppeng located in the mountains, 200 meters above sea level, making this city a cool tube. In addition, the number of trees on the roadside as well to the shade of this city. Formerly, according to the history of the Bugis, Soppeng Watan is a city of a magnificent and prosperous kingdom. This is proven by the existence of a royal palace built in 1261.

The city is called city Watan Soppeng bats because of the many bats that inhabit this city. When entering the city, will immediately smell the smell of bats, especially under trees. These bats leave the tree where he lived during the night to find food. Thousands of bats flying in the sky twilight is already commonplace sight in this town. Then, the sounds of bats returning to the nest at dawn time, a sign for residents Watan Soppeng to start the day.

Residents Watan Soppeng not know exactly when to start these bats live in trees in this city. Residents believe that this bat has been around for hundreds of years ago, and is a 'keeper' of this city Soppeng Watan. They also believe that these bats can give a good sign and if something bad happens in this city. If bats are leaving town for a long time, it is believed a disaster will come and hit this city.

In 1990, once a fire which destroyed the Central Market Soppeng Watan. Residents believe that this happens because the felling of trees where bats nest. Since then, residents Watan Soppeng no longer dared to disrupt the lives of these bats.

There are also myths that circulate in the community that if a person is exposed to droppings from the bats, then that person would marry someone from the City Watan Soppeng that too.

City Watan Soppeng is the capital of Soppeng district, South Sulawesi. The city is located 150 kilometers from the town of Napier, and took about four hours away.

5 Most Gorgeous Lobby Hotels in the World

The lobby is the first half of the story and your experience in dealing with a building named hotel. You could say everything was going on there. You arrive, you are met, and you left it was all through a room called the lobby. It is therefore not surprising that many entrepreneurs who designed the hotel one of the soul of this hotel with a charming, fantastic and incredible beautiful, but still looks wise so that it can leave a charming impression desired. From Paris to the small town of Puebla in Mexico there, here are some of the most charming hotel lobby in the world that makes you will never forget the experience of check in and check you out.

1. Mama Shelter, Paris

Two names familiar in the world of hospitality heavyweights of French origin, the former Club Med chief executive Serge Trigano and ultra-designer Philippe Starck, in pairs, to conjure up a parking lot on the road Arrondissement number 20 which is far from appealing to a trendy hotel 172 the room. Philippe Starck touch of magic is present in every corner of the lobby, from the floors, walls, ceiling until he ramaikan hotel with a stump-shaped seat of gold and silver, the curtains are decorated four-leaf clove, until the eyes are floating on the ceiling are coated with a whiteboard full of sentences and diagrams.

2. Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City

When Ian Schrager oust the command of Julian Schnabel as a public space revitalization project at the Hotel Gramercy Park, what he got was a surprise really surprising. Far from the previous style of a neat, smooth, and almost as perfect as the residence of a rich nobleman, Schnabel brings a more personal touch, more patterned and textured which involves a series of collections of the most trendy art from the 20th century as the work of Twombly, Basquiat, Hirst, and of course his own work that adorn the walls of the lobby, and he mix with Moroccan-style tiled floor, fireplace decorated with carved tangann, and a glass chandelier ordered directly from Venice.

3. The Waterhouse, Shanghai

With the appearance of a very crude and super-industrialist, 19 room hotel located in the area of ​​this district Shiliupu shipyards seem to want to emulate the atmosphere of the city of Shanghai in the past. To lobby which has a ceiling as high as three floors, the architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu maintain the integrity of the original building is a concrete-walled warehouse made ​​in the 1930s, but still menyususpkan few additional accessories such as columns and steel beams to maintain its strength. As for a touch of elegance and not obsolete, they present a huge crystal chandelier designed by Studio Job for Moooi in the middle of the room.

4. Mondrian, Miami

As the first hotel located in the U.S., Dutch designer Marcel Wanders visionaries wanted to give something surprising and fantastic in every way. So he made ​​the castle of Sleeping Beauty's fantasies as inspiration, and make it as a hotel with 335 rooms. Areas of exceptional spacious lobby decorated him with the presence of large ornate black steel staircase, bell-shaped brass lamps, and a column in a clean white Baroque-inspired style.

5. La Purificadora, Puebla

The history of the city of Puebla as the location of bottled water packaging of the 19th century recorded perfectly from 26 rooms in the hotel La Purificadora. But to really feel it, there's no place more perfect than in the hotel lobby with a stunning open air design. Renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, maintaining the authenticity of some fa├žade, including stone walls and stone arched gates, and built a volcanic stone staircase with a dramatic water flow. Legorreta also celebrate the lobby area with a long Catholic heritage, which is a sofa in purple-pink bishop.

Beautiful valley of Kashmir, South Asia World Heaven

Kashmir Valley
Kashmir is a region in the northern Indian sub-continent. The term Kashmir historically described as a valley in the south of the westernmost tip line Himalayas. Politically, the term Kashmir is described as a larger region that includes the region of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

"Vale of Kashmir" is relatively low key and very fertile, surrounded by incredible mountains and fed by many streams from the valleys. He was known as a most beautiful place in the world spectacular.

'Esa Al-Hindi told; Kashmir is a land of extraordinary fertility, where the source water flows clear and overflowing rivers. The trees look in every corner we could see. Orchards are everywhere. Paddy fields with rice plants spread across the country can be used as evidence, how fertile the land and this land.

Kashmir is an exceptional strategic position, which, when combined with several other factors make clear the reasons why India occupied it as happens now. Its territory is mountainous and its forests filled countryside. Highest peaks at 15000-18000 feet altitude in the border regions. That is why, to say the tops of the valley separating the Occupied Territories (Occupied Valley) of Azad Kashmir.

Position located in north Kashmir alone Indian sub-continent. The term Kashmir historically described as a valley in the south of the westernmost tip line Himalayas. Politically, the term Kashmir is described as a larger region that includes the region of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Kashmir controlled by the three countries, namely Pakistan, India and China.

Kashir located in the heart of South-Central Asia and is bordered by Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan. Few parts of Kashmir region (Wakhan) bersainggungan with the territory of Tajikistan and the Soviet Union.

Kashmir is one of the famous conquest of the world, and mostly Western-made maps depict this region with a dotted line to mark the limits of uncertainty.

Kashmir region in general is currently occupied or disputed by the three countries, namely Pakistan controls the northwest, India controls the central and southern parts of Jammu and Kashmir, and the People's Republic of China master the northeast (Aksai Chin).

Although this area in practice regulated by the three countries, India has never officially acknowledged that the region recognized by Pakistan and China. Pakistan looked at the whole territory of Kashmir as a disputed territory, and does not consider India's claim over the territory.

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Kashmir Valley Area

The total area of ​​the whole of Kashmir is 85,700 miles (88,700 miles according to the UK), where 51% of entry into the territory or colony of India, 33% in government oversight of Pakistan, 11% in the control of China, and only 5% are independent, namely Azad Kashmir region.

Meanwhile, the Kashmiri population data is 13 million (15 million according to the Netherlands), 8.3 million in Indian-Occupied Kashmir region, 2.2 million in Azad Kashmir, one million in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir Pakistan, 1.5 million displaced in Pakistan, 0.4 million expatriate community (0.3 million according to the UK).

Info About the Valley of Kashmir

The language used in Kashmir are: languages ​​Urdu (official language technically) in some areas, a little English. While the Muslim population in Kashmir at most, which is about 80% Muslim, 16% Hindu, 4% Sikh, Buddhist, Christian and others occupy the minority.

Capital of Kashmir is Iqbalabad (Srinagar). Srinagar is the name of the first or the ancient capital of Kashmir, which lies near the Dal Lake, a lake famous for its canals and houseboat.

Srinagar altitude 1600 m or 5200 feet and is often used as a summer capital for many foreign tourists and adventurers who get hot in north India. Just outside the town there are the beautiful Shalimar gardens created by Jehangir, the Mughal emperor, in 1619.

Access to the ordinary Kashmiri traveled by air to Srinagar via New Delhi, India and requires government approval. Or it could be by road to Azad Kashmir from Islamabad, Pakistan, without permission.