Amazing Natural Beauty:: Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran in Kab. Gunungkidul

Mount Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano, which is now increasingly crowded visited by the tourists both domestic and foreign countries. Many of the regular visitors who come in groups with members of the organization or his family, but many also come with a partner just his girlfriend. Well just understand adolescents and the youth will feel relaxed and enjoyable when doing adventure or a walk with his life companion (the boyfriend means). But there is also a tourist feel like coming to localized recently but did not know the path to that location. Well besides the picture is a map to the location. To mempemudah understand I will divide into two lines:

1. From Jogjakarta (distance 25 KM from Jogja)

For tourists from Jogjakarta reach this location by simply using a travel time of 40-50 minutes if using a motor at medium speed, 60-70km/jam yah lah .... If speeding 30 menitpun up (already proven to me from Mandala Krida Nglanggeran 35 minutes). For more details like this route. We walked along the road towards the Jogja-Wonosari Wonosari will pass through the Bukit Bintang / Bukit Patuk normally used by the teens looked Sunset. Well location Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano village not far from that location kira2 only travel 15 minutes or 7 km to get to the location of this mountain. Dai hill toward her star is still rising up to meet police Patuk or it could be discharged GCD FM ramp turn left toward the Relay Station Village INDOSIAR Ngoro-oro. Just follow the road until smooth Patuk II health center or health center called Tawang later turn right to Village dah Nglanggeran where the Ancient Volcano is located. This mountain was in sight and if we get to the Relay Station INDOSIAR and also many other Relay Stations in the Village Ngoro-oro.

2. from Wonosari

For from the direction Wonosari pretty easy to get to the location Ancient Volcano, from the roundabout turn right staying Sambi Pitu but do that to the East (Direction Nglegi) just take that to the Village Directions Bobung (mask craft village) approximately 5 km distance Mountain location of Sambi Pitu and 3 km from the Hamlet Bobung. Access road to get there has also been seamlessly just before the entrance to the Village Nglanggeran we must pass a fairly high hill but ga 'problems dah good way really.

Well it is quite easy for us to enjoy the beauty of the Ancient Volcano Village Nglanggeran? The road was smooth and the close of Jogjakarta and Wonosari be one option sights are easily accessible


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