Soppeng Watan, City Thousands of Bats

CITY this one is one of the cities in Indonesia which has a unique nickname, the City of Bats. The city is named native city Soppeng Watan, one of the beautiful city located in South Sulawesi Province.

Watan Soppeng located in the mountains, 200 meters above sea level, making this city a cool tube. In addition, the number of trees on the roadside as well to the shade of this city. Formerly, according to the history of the Bugis, Soppeng Watan is a city of a magnificent and prosperous kingdom. This is proven by the existence of a royal palace built in 1261.

The city is called city Watan Soppeng bats because of the many bats that inhabit this city. When entering the city, will immediately smell the smell of bats, especially under trees. These bats leave the tree where he lived during the night to find food. Thousands of bats flying in the sky twilight is already commonplace sight in this town. Then, the sounds of bats returning to the nest at dawn time, a sign for residents Watan Soppeng to start the day.

Residents Watan Soppeng not know exactly when to start these bats live in trees in this city. Residents believe that this bat has been around for hundreds of years ago, and is a 'keeper' of this city Soppeng Watan. They also believe that these bats can give a good sign and if something bad happens in this city. If bats are leaving town for a long time, it is believed a disaster will come and hit this city.

In 1990, once a fire which destroyed the Central Market Soppeng Watan. Residents believe that this happens because the felling of trees where bats nest. Since then, residents Watan Soppeng no longer dared to disrupt the lives of these bats.

There are also myths that circulate in the community that if a person is exposed to droppings from the bats, then that person would marry someone from the City Watan Soppeng that too.

City Watan Soppeng is the capital of Soppeng district, South Sulawesi. The city is located 150 kilometers from the town of Napier, and took about four hours away.


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