Wedding Cake in the World's Oldest

Almost at every wedding reception there is a wedding cake. Some are made ​​large, some small, some are real cake and some are just decoration or symbol.
When the cake cutting ceremony arrived, pieces of cake will be eaten by the bride, there are also some pieces that are given to the parents of the bride and groom. The rest will be distributed to other relatives and eat until they run out.

The following story about the wedding cake that has been aged 113 years and is considered the world's oldest wedding cake is still there (have not had time to eat). Cakes made ​​in 1898 of knowledge is now stored in a museum in the city Basingtoke Willis, Hampshire - England.

is a family of bakers who are dedicated to making bread since the days of great-grandfather, from 1880. When they got the wedding cake orders from a noble family. And they make a wedding cake with a chocolate coating the outside, decorated with various knick knacks that are similar to Queen Victoria jewelry, complete with plastic flowers has now become somewhat brownish discolored timeless.

But for one reason the cake is not to be taken, and by the family decided to keep it as an example or sample to the next order, and displayed in the window toko.toko is family-owned and maintained from generation to generation. But the existence of this wedding cake will be retained and preserved by the family. During World War II, this family heritage wedding cake was stored in the attic of the store. Miraculously, the war does not undermine this cake and even rats were lazy to touch it.
In 1964, the family decided to close their bakery. They handed this legacy of wedding cake to the museum Willis.

By the museum, this cake is dried in order to prevent further damage by using silica gel. "We hope this cake can still be enjoyed for 113 years," said Sue Tapliss, museum curator Willis.



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