World's Most adorable monkey

These photos prove that even a baby monkey though, can not escape with their favorite toys.

Mandrill infants aged 15 days to find something very like himself, and this male primates as has been attached to the doll in his yellow Yageer zoo in Ningbo, China.

These primates often seen clutching a doll 'monkey' is crossing his fingers that resemble human children do when hugging teddy kesayangannya.Bahkan the most surprising, the monkey who was born on 5 August and is seen sucking her thumb like a human baby.

Mandrills, is a type of monkey that is closely related to the baboon, known as a colorful primates. They have a distinctive color pink, blue and purple in Darwin belakang.Carles section also writes that there is no other kind in the whole class of mammals have very unusual colors compared to an adult male mandrills.

Mandrills is the largest monkey, can grow to 36 inches, live in large groups called gangs whose numbers reached an average of 800 monkeys.

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