First Mosque in Indonesia, Admiral Cheng Ho!

The first mosque in Indonesia turned out to give the name of the Chinese people!
Cheng Hoo, known as an admiral and bahariawan from mainland China are very tough. He along with 300 28 000 prajurut fleet managed to wade through oceans of planet Earth up to seven times round. In the voyage of peace on the orders of the Ming Empire, Cheng Hoo had set foot on the ground Majapahit power between the years 1406-1409 AD

Later the name of Cheng Hoo is so well known in the community ground water Cheng Hoo Once the film is filmed in three countries and starring former State Secretary RI Yusrul Ilza Mahendara and Saifullah Yusuf completed.
Not only that, the greatness of the name of Cheng Hoo also gave inspiration to the residents of Chinese Muslims in Surabaya to mendirkan foundations and building the mosque with the name of Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque. Somewhat less comfortable indeed, with the name of this mosque. Our ears are too diakrabkan with the names of the mosque in Arabic or Arabic-Indonesian mixture. The impression we have been awakened, Islamic or Islamic-smelling intimately linked to language and the Arab world, whether in literature, in particular religious traditions. So in our minds, things that smell is very identical to the Chinese temples or Taoist beliefs even identical with the ritual burning incense and incense.
But not so if the visit to Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque in Surabaya. First mosque established in 2002 and inaugurated by the Minister of Religious Affairs Prof. KH Agil Almunawar Shiraz, starting floor to the dome show no middle eastern architecture. Like the dome arch is very easy to find in the mosques.
Visit to the mosque was not too difficult. In addition to the maps already listed, it's not far from Station Gubeng-Surabaya. When using the services of a taxi from the station Gubang most spent traveling 10 minutes. Address information, at Jalan Surabaya Number 2 Ivory. Indeed, his position in the residential area is indented slightly. At that moment, the author and his colleagues had come to the wrong path.
If entering from the east, the mosque was not too obvious because it was blocked building foundations and office administrators. But if from the south, despite the high walls, the top of mosques visible green and red lights.
The road to the mosque was only one door which was guarded by several guards. Not many asked the security guard there. Maybe because it used to, or indeed showed that this mosque is open visited anyone, including non-Muslim visitors. At that time, there are adolescents who were white, and communication using the language of China. They are free to take pictures even with free entry into the main hall of the mosque.
Entering the mosque complex, on the right looks WC roof lined with Chinese architecture. Tteapi fence around, like a fence mosque or office in general. Using a woven wire and about three feet high.
The mosque measuring 11 X 12 meters square, dominated by red and yellow and green, the color of pagoda-like temple in the country. From the front, it seems striking red color. But of the two steps left and right, very subtle Arabic calligraphy using brass material, about one meter in diameter. Calligraphy read this if it turns out it bismillahirrohmaanirroohim.
The dominance of the red color is also present in lespang at every railroad building. There are three levels of the roof of this mosque. When viewed from above would look like spider webs. Among the roof into three and four, in a glass filled with calligraphy carving attributes of God 20. Begin to form until the nature mutakaliman properties. These properties are to be hold the logic of science kalam Asyariyah triggered a lot embraced in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, the homage to "Ahlusunnah waljamaah". Sementrara that, at the right edge of the mosque there is realif Admiral Chengho with a fleet of boats that cruise around the world Hoo Cheng.
The picture shows Chinese tradition there is also a drum like a drum-shaped drum used in lion dance performances. Drum is stored at the entrance to the right and to the high posture, it can tersundul drum.
Drum in the mosque or the mosque on the island of Java was used and its function is not different from the drum in the mosque Cheng Hoo. Namely, to sign the entry time of prayer, in addition to voice muadzjin rebound.
China is also deeply felt the atmosphere of the time of entry into the mosque consists of two steps. Among the break room and main room of this mosque are separated by an impressive wrought iron fence made hundreds of years ago. It looks very sturdy with typical Chinese carving, like the head of a lion dance also ikurannya boxes yin and yang. Rear and front wall made of bricks that are not plastered, but it looks laid out nicely. Paint color, brick red and visible light-curves lekak antra bricks arranged dicorok it. While the entire pole, and at his feet seem high menjukang coated wrought iron impressive ancient buildings.
However naunsa arab somewhat felt if we turn our vision into the top of the mosque. Although the buildings visible from outside China, but from inside this dome that arches left terliat kananya asmaul Attributes that reads 99. Calligraphy is very easy to find in the paintings of mosques in the country.
Why was given the name Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque? Board of Chinese Islamic Association of Indonesia (PITI) in East Java which also Cheng Hoo Mosque imam, Ustad H Haryono Oong explains, these names as a form of appreciation for the greatness Choing Hoo who has sailed around the world to promote global peace, including the Kingdom of Majapahit at the time. While the form of the mosque he said, was adopted from a mosque in the city of China. But he, in China alone there was no mosque named Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque. So that this mosque is a mosque diyakni first in the world that is named Muhammad Cheng Hoo.
In addition the mosque under the foundation PITI, in the same location, there are kindergartens and educational institutions landfill. Kindergarten students here are not quasi-Islamic Bergama. The word ethnic graduates IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, about 10 percent of non-Muslim students.

Although not yet include the most beautiful mosques in the world, we as an Indonesian citizen must feel ownership and pride of all that exist and at present by our ancestors, our fighters. Embed in your chest are all one, one for Indonesia, do not ever want to split apart, because we are all brothers.

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