Ants Know Signals Death!

When an ant dies, the friends of the nest with it could soon find out. Therefore, the risk of attacks on the colony of ants can be slightly reduced. But how ants know that his friend was going to die?

Is a scientific theory that explains this. Dead ants release chemicals produced by the decomposition of fatty acids such as telling signs of death in other ant colonies.
But this theory is then refuted by recent research results, Dong-Hwan Choe.

"Ants can know his friend was going to die because of the different mechanisms are hidden behind necrophoresis who knocked out one of the ants in a colony in the same nest," Choe said as quoted by Live Science, Thursday, May 7, 2009.
Death or dead substance. While the ants are living apart has substance, it also has other chemicals associated with life, or so-called 'living substance'.
When an ant dies, the substance of their lives will be reduced or even disappear altogether, leaving only dead substances.
"So this is because the dead ant no longer smells the same issue with the ants that live, not because they issued a new substance at the time after they die",

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