Mermaids Fish Life in the World Ever!

Not Just a Myth Only!

In 1493, Christopher Columbus sailed close to Haiti Hawaiian Islands, and his crew saw three strange creatures, which appear on the surface of the sea area near a cluster of coral.

They were astonished, when seeing the face of these creatures and the physical form. half of the body like a human. Unlike all the creatures that they have known, on this earth. As they seek answers from a sense of amazement, the three entities was hurried away into the ocean, leaving the crew who filmed the confusion.

Strange experiences continue to haunt the mind of Columbus throughout his life, and so warm conversation wherever he gathered. In fact, in one journal issue, the Spanish sailors (born in Italy, the Italians) incised in a note, that the creature actually resembled a human face, but from the waist down like a fish. Note that Columbus, invites many questions readers. So polemical and serious debate, from the scientists until hundreds and hundreds of years later .. "The people who live there and live in the ocean, but to live in water, living things must have gills?" Thought the researchers did not half believe half, when read in connection Columbus notes the mysterious phenomenon.

Note that the inventor of the American continent, to this day continues to grow. Even the addition of Columbus, said a British sailor named Henry Hudson, admitted never met with strange creatures like the discovery of Columbus. He acknowledged meeting with the mysterious creature in the year 1608. Strange creature found in a group of islands which partially snow covered land. The story of his journey across the "seven oceans" which of them to the island chain island near Siberia, the Arctic is still foreign., Written in the book "The Adventures" is said, when the afternoon, he and the crews of ships are at sea yachting northern Russia, the sailors binoculars saw a suspicious object located on the beach a group of snow-covered rocks. Described forms creature, at the top of his body like a young man. Her body is very clear, long hair has turned white shoulders. Parts of the body underneath, which exist on the surface of a fish-like sand beach.

Once the creatures are aliens turned on him, a herd creature hurried away in the cold northern seas that many esnya.Berbagai theory and analysis of the various parts of the world, which is associated with the mystery of the mermaid embodiment, for hundreds of years continue to emerge. Evidence for a lot of evidence begins to unfold, both in the form of mummies, pictures on the walls of temples, ancient buildings, or evidence of ancient statues.

Human story of this fish, almost like a UFO story or
other ancient creatures such as, Lochness, dragons, and big foot who never runs out so spread the news material is based on the discovery and proof of evidence in the field, coupled with various forms of testing. The scientists concluded, basically the experts agree, that these ancient creatures is one species of life that ever existed on this earth.

Until now, the progress of science and marine technology in the world, basically have not been able to uncover more data the data pertaining to the life of a mysterious water creature ini.Dengan equipment and advanced technology now, experts said just able to dive to a depth of approximately 4,000 meters. Oceanographers say, 70 per cent of the contents of the two seas inhabited by trillions of marine species whose life has not been revealed. Experts who have investigated this time, no more than one percent rate.

So it is not impossible, mermaids also actually a manifestation of a marine species that ever lived. But is thought to have disappeared from the arena before his life studied. Indeed, all life in the depths of the ocean, it is yet very little is revealed semua.Hanya tejangkau by oceanographers of the world.

In other international documentary records, which made a veteran of World War II and the natural scientist named Pulini Greeks, in the immortal work entitled (translation) "History of the Universe" (Natural History) said, based on evidence and data are recorded, which obtained from the entire hemisphere, the presence of half-fish creature does not need diragukan.Namun Thus, from a long life, there are many tracks that have not been revealed and is still shrouded in mystery. He even strongly suspected, that the mysterious water creature is still there its association with the world being lost in the continent of atlantis.

Other experts, namely Doctor Yelimiya, scientists from Russia also recounts the discovery of his study group, consisting of marine experts. They found data mummy mysterious creatures in a cave of the Black Sea coast, which is part of the Southern region of Russia. The news of this discovery, disclosed in a scientific journal. They reveal, this being found in contrast to the findings in other areas.

This strange creature actually looks more like a woman, flawless black weird. Physical mummy from head to waist scaly, while from the middle to the top of a human face with a length of 173 cm. From the carbon test, the scientists believe the creature age, when he died he was more than 100 years, and age mumminya about 4,000 years old.

In Indonesia, mermaid shaped like dolphins lumba.Hidup groups in eastern Indonesian waters of the island of Bali to the NTT and the Maluku Islands. These fish are very tame and includes mammals or marine mammals, because breast-feeding her child like a whale is often caught by the nelayan.Uniknya when in contact with air, from the eyelids out of the water. This water may be, which is often called mermaid tears mermaid oil to be processed so that has efficacy in the treatment and reportedly also in pengasihan.

When looking at the data and facts that can be witnessed by the eyes and our heads, ancient creatures that his lower body in the form of fish and human-like head there is, indeed ever existed and is believed to have lived on earth. In contrast to the presence of the figure of the dragon, or other mysterious creatures creatures physical evidence until now still not been found. While the existence of information dissemination creatures "mermaid" and the dragon in the world, has penetrated luas.Namun whether human-bodied fish that half of this beautiful, still exist today? Of course still needs to be proven. Agree?

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