A smile can increase longevity

Secrets of longevity turns out could be as simple as merekahnya a smile. The wider the smile and the deeper the creases around your eyes when smiling, the greater your chances of living longer.

The link between a smile and longevity is revealed by researchers in the research that was published in the journal Psychological Science. These new findings add to other evidence that life with happiness and joy to give a strong influence on the quality of health and life expectancy.

Researchers believe, wide smile and deep wrinkles around the eyes is the positive mirror of one's life that can be translated into long-term health is better.

This conclusion is the result of a study of photographs of old age. The experts from Wayne State University, Michigan, examined 230 images league baseball players are printed with registration data in 1952. This list contains all the player profiles and statistics, such as date of birth, weight, marital status, and careers.

The experts then rank the players based on the form of a smile. There is a group of players who did not smile at all, smiling partial (some of the muscles around the mouth are active), and a big smile (laughter marked off with teeth that look, cheek the rose, and the folds around the eyes).

These photos were then compared with age and life expectancy of each player. The analysis showed, 184 registered players already died. Those who took out the "no smile" to live with an average age of 72.9 years.

Among the groups 'partial smile', the average life expectancy reached 75 years. As for those who are most wide smile has an average age of 79.9 years or seven years longer than colleagues who "rare smile".

Research also found that "fake smile" will not provide the same benefits as additional life expectancy is only visible to the player who has a genuine smile, known as Duchenne smiles.

Duchenne smile activate a group of muscles around the mouth and eyes. The term was raised by a neurologist on the 19th century. A smile is different from that fake smile involves only the muscles around the mouth.

So from now on, smile with loose so that you stay healthy and long life!

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