Underwater World

Underwater River Cenote Angelita Maybe you already know about the phenomena that exist in the river below sea Mexico this amazing and worth for people to call Subhanallah Islam this is the greatness of his power in transforming the earth, any odd thing that we view it is certainly unusual for NYA who created the universe. This discovery is enough to make anyone believe the controversy will photograph and video streams is one argued that it was only engineered to look for sheer popularity, but it's back to the power of the almighty creator that can create anything beyond human ability.

Display some photos that make me amazed and could stay longer to see the beauty of the natural phenomena of this river in Mexico, if only could get there to see first hand waah I certainly will soon depart.

For those who can not wait to see what the hell the river below the ocean phenomenon is that the talk of many people and become one of the hot news in cyberspace.

Some photos of the river beneath the sea above comes from the Cenote Angelita, Mexico. Initially there appears there was a cave that if it continues to explore more in depth at 30 meters will find a rarity because the water is fresh water, there is the scenery looks like life on the river. If the search deeper into the taste of water has become salty.

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